Outstanding Domestic Violence Service Award

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Deadline June 1, 2017.

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2016 Outstanding Service Award Recipient:

Kent McDonald

Kent McDonald has been a pioneer in the field of domestic violence treatment. His agency, Sandy Counseling Center, was the first to be licensed in the State of Utah to treat domestic violence. He dedicated years of clinical treatment, evidenced-based testing research and team collaboration to build a treatment model founded on sound theoretical principals addressing this criminogenic population. Kent has given presentations and workshops on domestic violence at multiple local and national conferences across the country. He has trained hundreds of clinicians in his office on the dynamics, characteristics, as well as a strength-based treatment approach designed for the domestic violence population in Utah. University of Utah Ph.D. research studies have validated his clinical approach to Domestic Violence treatment as highly effective for those who completed the program.

2015 Outstanding Service Award Recipient:

Lewis E. Galway

Lewis Galway has served the domestic violence treatment provider community in many ways for many years. He served as chair of the UDCV treatment committee and chaired or co-chaired several treatment conference planning committees. As well, he served in various leadership positions with Salt Lake City treatment provider organizations. Most recently, he served as UADVT secretary and was a founding officer of the organization.

2014 Outstanding Service Award Recipient:

David A. Dodgion, Ph.D.

David Dodgion, Ph.D. has been involved in improving domestic violence treatment for over two decades. He helped to develop the domestic violence treatment standards, licensure and legislation. He has been a member of local and state wide treatment committees, and chaired several of them, as well as chairing the Salt Lake Area Domestic Violence Committee. He has chaired and worked on conferences, and provided multiple domestic violence treatment trainings. He helped to develop and contributed to the “Best Practices” treatment manual for the Utah Domestic Violence Treatment Committee. He has also developed and implemented research of domestic violence treatment.

2013 Outstanding Service Award Recipient:

Carol Buell

Carol Buell, LCSW has been in the field of domestic violence for about three decades. She was one of the first chairs of the Utah Domestic Violence Council (UDVC), and was one of the founders. She was also the founder of the Utah Domestic Violence Council Treatment Committee and started the tradition of an annual fall domestic violence conference. She has provided regional trainings in domestic violence treatment to several rural communities. She is truly representative of, and deserving, as the first recipient of the UADVT's Outstanding Service Award for all her work and dedication reducing domestic violence and its impact through improving the quality of DV treatment.