Endorsed Trainings

Preservice Workshops

Workshops are designed for those who need the 24-hours of pre-service training in domestic violence to qualify to provide domestic violence counseling services for offenders.

Workshops designed for those who need the 24-hours of pre-service training in domestic violence to qualify to provide domestic violence counseling services for survivors and those who need the 40-hours of pre-service training in domestic violence to qualify to provide domestic violence advocacy.

See the UADVT website under trainings for dates, registration, and preservice materials for these trainings.

Also Trauma Informed Endorsed - UADVT Conference 2017

Teresa Descilo, Trauma Training: Non-Traditional Approaches
Documentary Film, Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope
Jan Fulmer, Martha Burkett-Fallis, Ethical Complexities of Confidentiality for Working with Domestic Violence Populations
Teresa Descilo, Staying Ahead of Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Traumatization and Burn Out
Andi Tremonte, LGBT+ Cultural Competency
David Wexler, Three Myths About Domestic Violence 2017: Everything You Need to Know
David Wexler, The Fourth Myth: You can only change men by shaming them
Elizabeth Albertsen, Derrick Tollefson, Domestic Violence Treatment within the LDS Cultural Context
Paul Flack, IVP Perpetrator Treatment through a Cultural Lens: A case for Practice-Based Evidence
Elizabeth Albertsen, Derrik Tollefosn, Domestic Violence Risk and Needs Evaluation (DVRNE) Training
Jami Johanson, The Connection Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence
D Kim Openshaw, Principle Based Intervention with those who Perpetrate
Sari Williams, Stephanie Mathis, Accessing Safety for Deaf Victims together

Also Trauma Informed Endorsed - 26th Annual UDVC Domestic Violence Conference

Alicia Aiken, An Ethical Survivor-Centered to Mandatory Reporting
Sam Lee, Celeste Peckham, Neal Davis MD, Crystal Bull: Home Visiting- How it supports primary /behavioral healthcare outcomes for survivors.
Kathleen Franchek-Roa, Leah Voorhies PhD, Susie Wiet MC: Resilience-The Biology of Stress and The Science of Hope. Screening and panel discussion
Alicia Aiken : Responding to Official Demands for Information
Audrey Jiricko: Integrating IPV Screening in the Primary Care Office
Alicia Aiken: Talking to Survivors About Privacy Options
Kathleen Franchek-Roa: The impact of Childhood Exposure to IPV and Other ACEs on the Health and Well-Being of Children
Judge Victor Reyes: The overlap of Domestic Violence, Child Maltreatment and Juvenile Delinquency
Jane Anderson ,JD: Disarming the Batterer: Intimate Partner Violence and Firearms
Malena Stevens,MPA Chelsea Benetz-Robinson MSW LCSW: Self-Care Through Collaboration: How Working together keeps us together
Kortney Hughes, Yvette Rodier-Whitby: Strangulation- A Multi Disciplinary Team Approach to Supporting Survivors and Securing Prosecution
Judge Victor Reyes: Custody, Parenting time and Supervised Visitation and Exchange
Jane Anderson: Technical Evidence in Stalking Cases When and how to get it in
Emily Walton: Domestic Violence and Gums in the United States
Kris Billhardt: There's No Better Time Than Now: Two Movements, One Vision
AJ Hunt, Kendra Wyckoff: Safety Planning-the Essentials
Kris Billhardt: Understanding Trauma and Trauma Informed Approaches

UDVC Conference 2017

Guidelines for determining endorsement for trauma informed training is based on guidelines identified in the SAMSHA Guide for Trauma Informed Care. For access to this document, click HERE

If you have any questions about the Trauma Endorsement Committee, please contact the Committee Chair, Debbie Comstock at debbiecomstock7@gmail.com

For any other questions regarding trainings that you participate in and want to know if they meet the scope of your contract requirements contact Brian Parnell DHS at bparnell@utah.gov