2022 Annual Conference
September 14-16, 2022
The annual conference will be held virtually.

Utah Association for Domestic Violence Treatment

The Utah Association of Domestic Violence Treatment was formed in 2013 by, and for, therapists who specialize in working with offenders and/or victims of domestic violence. The Association seeks to advance domestic violence treatment methods, increase offender accountability and improve victim safety and recovery by:

  • - providing expert training opportunities for new and experienced therapists
  • - keeping members updated on state and national developments that pertain to their work
  • - acting as a point of reference on issues relating to domestic violence treatment for legislators, state agencies, community stakeholders etc.

"Advancing domestic violence treatment, increasing offender accountability and improving victim safety and recovery"

Training Opportunities:
    • DVRNE: Domestic Violence Risk and Needs Evaluation – special trainings
    • Pre-service Basic Training Workshops
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